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The Darkness
And so we stared into darkness...
:iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 2 0
The Lady
Bright lips,
Sharp hips,
Black eyes,
Pale thighs,
Light hair,
Dark stare,
Cheshire grin,
Sharp pin,
POP! Goes the weasel.
:iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 1 4
"Goodbye", he spoke with immediate regret.
:iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 6 3
Mature content
The Man with Black Eyes :iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 4 13
Questionable Stares
Was that pity in their eyes?
:iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 10 3
Peter Lorre's Christmas by ThoughtsOfAMadman Peter Lorre's Christmas :iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 9 7
Only the Good...
Be nice, hopefully you'll die faster.
:iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 10 6
The Vamp by ThoughtsOfAMadman The Vamp :iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 15 2
Next Christmas
Next Christmas day,
when it snows eight feet,
dark grey,
Don't blame me.
:iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 0 0
Liar, Liar
"I'm so awesome."
"You shouldn't lie to yourself."
"Oh, really?"
"'Cause then it'll create a web of lies..."
"But a little ego-boost won't--"
"...then you'll be trapped in the web of lies..."
"...and soon enough the giant Lie-Spider will come an eat you."
"It's true."
"Why don't I doubt that?"
"Mental instability? The want for something, even something as ridiculous as a 'Lie-Spider', to give a reason to live a moral, happy life?"
"....In your case, the former."
:iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 2 4
The Theif of Bagdad by ThoughtsOfAMadman The Theif of Bagdad :iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 5 0 Welles by ThoughtsOfAMadman Welles :iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 8 9
The young mother sat by her son's bed, her calloused seamstress hand placed on his shoulder. Glassy eyes giving that thousand mile stare, a sign of day dreams that gave occasional her optomism. But no smile danced on her lips. Even in dreams this was a hopeless situation.
Suddenly, the young boy gave a bout of coughing, the mother drew her hand away in fear. His eyes teared up in pain as the sputters shook his rib-cage. Within a moment he fell silent again.
The mother, brought back to the somber reality, didn't dare break the silence. For a moment she studied her son's soft face. His nose looked ruby-red in comparisson to his pale, nearly gray, complexion. She could hear each breath, struggling and ragged.
The young mother let out a morose sigh, It won't hurt much longer..
:iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 0 10
The Immigrant
1893, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean your boat sails to America, the land of freedom. Hopes are high in the hearts of the european families who join you, despite their poverty traveling with them. Dressed in the best clothes you have, a new life awaits you.
Walking out onto the deck on the boat, a light spray of water hits your face, carried by a chilly wind. But the frosty airs are an after-thought, is that the sound of shouting? It was almost drowned by the sound of the waves, but you heard it. Naturally, you go to investigate.
The source is two men, throwing punches at eachother. The spectators shout, scream, cheer. You judge silently, wondering why they would stare at such violence. But maybe it's just you..
But then something catches your eye; an old woman. Attempting to push her way through the crowd, she is forced by the railing, an expression of fear on her wrinkled face. Out of pity you go over to help.
Squeezing through the frenzied people, you make your way to the old w
:iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 2 3
Two Lovers
Two lovers crossed paths.
The woman kept her voice and gaze steady, trying to hide hurt feelings.
The man averted his eyes, regret filling him. In a quiet tone best suited for an apology, he spoke.
"Thank you."
With that, two lovers parted ways.
:iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 5 12
Max by ThoughtsOfAMadman Max :iconthoughtsofamadman:ThoughtsOfAMadman 3 1


I sometimes get confused
About which bits of body
Do belong to me and which
To those so close around
That I can feel them think.
My hands have, before
Struck away from me and have
Touched another human form
Unwillingly confessing
I poured my love into them.
This, itself, is praise
That I should lose myself
And find them instead of me
In some small task mundane
As the scratching of the leg.
It paints something lovely
In the watercolor that
Is blurred boundaries and
Silence That can't break,
As it lies in a box in our minds.
Each glancing touch is an
Admission of the muscles
We do not, as yet, control
Mine tells of an easy need
To feel what makes up you.
:iconlaseriousa:LaSeriousa 2 0
Fear of Falling
You know that feeling?
The one where the scenery
Seems perfectly impossible?
Like your photoreceptors
Just cannot possibly be right?
Because the feeling I'm feeling
Isn't from this place.
This rain is from my past
And it's falling on my naked shoulders.
It smells of slippery wood and wet concrete
And the vapor of my breath
Is the warmth of hot water in the rain.
You know that feeling?
The one where your body has died
And doesn't need the next gasp?
Like you're floating in the stratosphere
Watching trivialities play out on the silver screen?
Because the feeling I'm feeling
Tells me nothing is real.
The idea that nothing has or will matter
Is beating against my fragile skull.
It tastes of confusion and distance
And the frenzied forms around me
Seem of questionable value.
You know that feeling?
The one where you're falling,
Tipping through the dark?
Like the chair behind you
Is falling fast into a chasm of your mind?
Because the feeling I'm feeling
Is the jolt of fear in the night.
The se
:iconlaseriousa:LaSeriousa 2 0
I told you it was happening
And soon I'm going to break
Snap like a brittle backbone
Under the stress of your heavy gaze
Heavy as the thoughts I think
As I walk toward you through the dark
Heavy as a borrowed hate
Heavy is the measure of our sins
It's distance—distance that surrounds us
Spacing us out under the stars
That watch with quiet disregard
A burning cold shoulder in clear skies
Heavy as the thoughts I think
As I walk toward you through the dark
My head is leaden, sinking
With thoughts of adoration
That I just can't seem to shake unless
I place my shame upon your brow
Heavy as a borrowed hate
I'm snapping strings that tie me
Bind me into loyalties I can't keep
Bitter loss in little thoughts
I'll step back from the gate to heaven
Heavy is the measure of our sins
:iconlaseriousa:LaSeriousa 3 3
Snowdrop church by Twimper Snowdrop church :icontwimper:Twimper 7 12 Shadowy cross by Twimper Shadowy cross :icontwimper:Twimper 6 6
Reports of my death were true.
:iconravenswd:Ravenswd 20 13
Mature content
First Time :icontei-rei:Tei-rei 12 8
Forever Slumber
Sleep, little one.
Mommy loves you.
:icondeviantly-atheist:Deviantly-Atheist 11 9
Week Six: Unwanted Attention
Mistempered addiction: sweet adoration surpassed devotion.
:iconjustlittlemusings:justlittlemusings 3 3
The Herpes of Craft Supplies
"Shimmer!" "Shine!"  "Glitter!"  And then, mess.
:iconfreespiritedhizoku:FreeSpiritedHizoku 11 16
End of the World
Shimmering tears. Broken smile. Fading humanity.
:icontarnishedhearts:TarnishedHearts 5 3
A dangerous liaison.
Wicked dimples harbor barbarous, bloodthirsty secrets.
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 10 12
The Remembered Nameless
Across unmarked graves, bloody roses bloom.
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 21 26
Another haunted whisper.
"Jaw bones?  Whittled into wind chimes?"
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 11 20


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United States
Current Residence: I don't have a home, I travel through Tomania, Pepperland, and Bacteria ;3
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Wallpaper of choice: Floral?
Skin of choice: Any, as long as it covers up all the muscle :P
Favourite cartoon character: Any of the Looney Tunes <3
Personal Quote: Reality makes people sad, so they deny it. I've completely refused it :]
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Because I'm an asshole and abandoned this page for more than a few weeks. And I have over 2000 messages. Serves me right...? :meow:

ANYWAYS, I have more ideas for shitty little short-stories to entertain you all, my lovely watchers.
.....Are you guys still there? Jeez. DD: I'm feeling the love, guys.

And I also have ideas for a chapter (page?) story, so maybe I could expand off of my tidy little format that I have (had?) now.

Whatever though, invisible audience. I'll just go look through my giant stack of messages and feel bad for myself. Because I abandoned you. (I'll be a horrible parent.)

To end on a softer note:
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Enjoy your candy-boxes! :heart: :tighthug: :iconilikeitplz:



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